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The Comedy Hypnosis Stage Show is just a fun and entertaining part of  what we do. There is a very serious side to Hypnosis in the form of health and well being. "Peaceful Mind Consulting" is a therapy portion of what we have to offer you . We have private sessions which are available to help with weight-loss, smoking, , fears and phobias, anxiety, pain management, public speaking, sales, the list goes on and on. Give us a call at 910-713-4415 for a free consultation, let us help you with Hypnosis


We have had a great deal of success with helping people with their smoking habit(s).

Jimbo has had a very high success rate with one time sessions. He take great pride in that, so you do not have to keep coming back for more sessions. Some Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist like to see you keep coming back to keep giving them money. Jimbo wants to see you just one time and help with your smoking habit. Very seldom does he have someone have to come back.

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Having used Hypnosis to achieve weight loss, Jimbo has lost over 70LBS. Being very transparent about how hypnosis helps the process. Diet and Exercise is still a part of the process, but with Hypnosis, it make the journey to the new you, so much easier...Give Jimbo a call for a free consultation, and let him explain and tell you how he lost the weight. He will be there with you every step of the way. "If you really want to change your first must be willing to change your mind"

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In today's world of "give you a pill for everything" Anxiety is no different. Look up the Placebo Effect and see what that is all about. Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Headaches Panic Attacks, Stress all the things stated in the picture above is as Jimbo likes to state "All in your Head" Take a pill this will fix that...take a pill to make the other pill you just took not make you crazy, then take this pill to make sure you do not get depressed. Ring a bell? So many of those things can be help with Hypnosis.

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