Stage Hypnosis is a performance that is designed for entertainment purposes. Hypno Jimbo never selects people from the audience to come up on stage. He only accepts willing volunteers and through the process, keeps those with heightened suggestibility and participation.

The inaccuracy depicted by the TV and Film industry, have led some to fear hypnosis. The reality is that you are always in control while under hypnosis and can choose to accept or decline the suggestions given by the hypnotist. Hypnosis is not magic and it does not involve people doing things against their will. Hypnosis will however, help you expand your beliefs and your value by empowerment and imagination.

The Hypno Jimbo Comedy Hypnosis Stage Show is an engaging and interactive experience, that will have you laughing long after your visit with us! Join the fun at one of our scheduled shows and see what everyone is talking about!


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