1. Hypnosis comes from the word "hypnos" which means "sleep".

2. Hypnosis dates back to over 5000 years ago, where it was used by the Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks.

3. Hypnotherapy is a practice used on willing individuals to change bad behaviors. It is also used to help those dealing with painful and unpleasant memories. it is not the same as hypnosis.

4. Some people are considered to be more suggestible than others. Those with higher suggestibility are more likely to accept suggestions given by the Hypnotist.

5. The Hypnotic Induction is the method used to hypnotize a person. During stage hypnosis, a rapid induction is used because of the time restraints.

6. A person can not become stuck in hypnosis and can not be hypnotized against their will.

7. Everyone experiences hypnosis every day, such as when we are day dreaming, in deep thought or when we go to sleep and wake up.

8. Studies have shown that hypnosis can help an individual quit smoking or lose weight.

9. Hypnosis should not be used on people with severe mental disorders.

10. There are 4 stages of a Hypnotic Trance: Light Trance, Apparent Somnambulism, True Somnambulism and Coma State.


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